Peter Huemer completes the American River 50-mile Endurance Run

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A long time running

April 13, 2006

Christopher Zieman, of Felton, placed second in the American River 50-mile Endurance Run on April 1, just a little more than a month after qualifying for the 2008 Olympic trials in the marathon. Zieman, 34, finished the 50-miler in 6 hours, 2 minutes, 25 seconds for a pace of 7:15/mile. The winner Uli Steidl of Shoreline, Wash., ran it in 5:58.21.

Plenty of other county runners stretched their legs in the run. Christopher Ratliff, 36, of Santa Cruz finished seventh in 6:55:53. Peter Huemer, 38, of Santa Cruz finished 51st 8:19:36. Tom Moore, 55 of Scotts Valley 150th, 9:36:09; Carol Cuminale, 53, of Santa Cruz 339th, 11:33:56; Diane Delucchi, 45, of Aptos 340th, 11:33:56; Katherine Beiers, 73, of Santa Cruz 419th, 12:25:40; and Tish Bertino, 49, of Santa Cruz 433rd, 12:32:15 also completed the race.

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